Language is understanding

At the age of three, I noticed that German didn't have the communicative impact in the UK that I was used to at home. In contrast to my previous experiences with language, I failed to achieve understanding – an experience which illustrated the importance of communication to me at an early age. Since then, my many travels have allowed me to experience different cultures and language communities as I lived in various places in Germany and abroad. By dealing with a large variety of people and situations, I learned that to get a message across, words are not all that matter. Presentation, style and cadence help to preserve the original message even after a text has been translated.

Studies in Germany and abroad

I was born and raised in the northern Germany, in Kiel. I initially began studying for a teaching degree, spending some of my time as a student in Ottowa, Canada, where I had attended high school years before. In 2000, I began writing tourist texts in German and English for a travel information provider, later working as a translator and editor for the same company. I enjoyed this very much, which led me to pursue a degree in translation at Leipzig University. To lay the foundation for my second working language, I lived in Pisa, Italy for one year before starting my translation studies. I also completed a state-approved, three-year correspondence course for creative writing and journalism, working as a freelance translator during that period.

Expertise and continuing education

For me, maintaining existing customer relationships, continuing education and networking are important parts of my work as a service provider. My customers include commercial enterprises, educational institutions, private individuals and language schools. References are available on request. As a member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) I regularly attend professional training sessions, with a primary focus on my special interests of energy technology and renewable energies. By attending professional events, lectures, trade fairs and exhibitions, I enrich my theoretical knowledge, build my network and enjoy sharing experiences and learning from experts.