Language is understanding

When I travelled abroad as a young child I quickly notices that language had the function of transporting content. Communication can only be successfully established on the grounds of being understood. In a range of situations, for instance when ordering a meal in a foreign country, gestures and limited vocabulary can be sufficient to get the message across. As soon as one would like to be taken serious in a professional setting, an adequate use of language is essential. For this reason especially public authorities and offices request sworn translations, as they are translated "complete and unabridged".

Studies in Germany and abroad

I was born and raised in the northern Germany, in Kiel. I initially began studying for a teaching degree, spending some of my time as a student teacher in Ottowa, Canada, where I had attended high school years before. In 2000, I began writing and translating tourist texts in German and English for a travel information provider. I enjoyed this work very much, so I decided to sign up for a degree in translation at Leipzig University. To lay the foundation for my second working language, I lived in Pisa, Italy for one year before starting my translation studies. I also completed a state-approved, three-year correspondence course for creative writing and journalism, working as a freelance translator during that period.

Expertise and continuing education

My customers include commercial enterprises, educational institutions, private individuals and language schools. References are available on request. As a member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ, from 2008 to 2017) I have attended professional training sessions, with a primary focus on my special interests of energy technology and renewable energies. By attending professional events and lectures, and by actively participating in our local energy cooperative, I enrich my theoretical knowledge with practical application.